What is Manifest’o?

“Artist Jonathan Thunder’s multi-media installation entitled Manifest’o features three separate, yet interconnected animated vignettes of Anishinaabe stories about the Goldfinch, Star Woman, and Mishu Bishu. It is located on the second floor of the Museum in the large, glass display case that has been transformed as a ‘fishbowl’ to effectively and sinuously present the animated vignettes. Thunder’s artistry is a combination of painting, filmmaking, sculpture and animation. As part of the installation, the central figure of each vignette is represented by a sculpture, including two 3D printed pieces and a mask. About Manifest’o, Thunder states, “These vignettes are inspired by three Anishinaabe stories that reflect our connection to time, space and survival. The work is presented in three animations that were composed from canvas painting and digital media to represent how each of the three living stories manifest themselves in a contemporary light.””

Manifest’o runs from October 2018 to July 2019.

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Here’s a peek…