This page contains short films and animations I have created in collaboration with others or as a solo undertaking.


Walk In Dreams


Collaboration with Gyasi Ross and Catalina Lawrence


Walking This Frozen Road
Collaboration with Heid Erdrich


This is a compilation of video projects I have worked on in the past few years.


World Indoor Lacrosse Championship 2015 3D Projection Animation
This is a larger than life projection animation I worked on as the artist and animator. Collaborators were The Creative Collaboration Gang and The Onondaga Nation.


This is a short film that I would consider more of a moving canvas. The short was commissioned to create something that would play in the lobby of the Pillbury House + Theatre during one of it’s plays.  The play was about a Seminole village during the early days after the civil war. This short film, was dedicated to the Miccosukee language which is one of two dialects spoken by the Seminoles.


This short film entitled “The Demon Tree” is a story of a 4000 year old tree that eats songbirds when they come to visit it’s branches.


This poem film is a deadly medley I collaborated on with none other than Heid E. Erdrich. Heid and I have worked on multiple projects together and this one is by far the tastiest. The film is called “Undead Faerie Goes Great With India Pale Ale”. Enjoy!


This next piece is an older live action story I put together with the help of a friend that had skills with framing a shot. The film “Man Cave” is the story of a blue collar worker that comes home to enjoy his cooler full of beer and his TV, only to find out his peace and quiet will soon be compromised. I was inspired by the Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner toons that use to paint my Saturday mornings with a mix of mayhem and laughter.


This is a short film I was blessed to be a part of. This tale of How the Bear got a Short Tail is narrated in all Ojibwemowin (the language of the Ojibwe people). Narrated by elder Anna Gibbs, Directed by Elizabeth Day, Produced by Wiigwaas Press and artwork and animation by yours truly.


This is a demo reel I was showing as my portfolio back in the old school.


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